Location photography, Savile Row, London – the home of bespoke tailoring
by Lord Lichfield

In the nineties I launched Range Rover in North America. Whilst there was no real awareness of the vehicle, our target audience aspired to their perception of the English country lifestyle it represented. This understanding underpinned positioning, direction and styling. We commissioned the Queen’s cousin and society photographer, the late Lord Lichfield to take photographs showing the Range Rover in the natural habitat he epitomised. It was a great success.

I sense that the time for a re-imagined Range Rover Classic is now. The iconic, handsome shape. The concept of a go anywhere, do anything vehicle, just as at home doing the chores on a country estate as transport to a night at the opera. The only car ever to be exhibited at the Louvre. Of course the current model is a beautiful and very capable vehicle, but does it have quite the same character and style? Is it as engaging? Is it a true reflection of you? Is it as cool?

This venture combines 25 years developing and building brands with a love of classic cars. Recently I have been creating re-engineered Defenders, for US clients, each bespoke to individual requirements. The Kilvington Classic Range Rover will be equally exclusive, available on a first come, first served basis with limited numbers built each year. It has been created to represent the perfect iteration of the icon, informed by an innate understanding of what the vehicle represents.

Each is hand built with passion in the heart of the Cotswolds, using local businesses and products wherever possible. Form follows function. The DNA and character remain present, without the limitations of 30 year old technology. Attributes are enhanced and issues addressed.

Available to order now, the Kilvington Classic Range Rover is a numbered edition of just 200. For further information and to discuss individual requirements please contact us. We take great pride in the journey through the specification and build process being as important as the arrival of the end product.

Paul Kilvington


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